About Us

Members of the Association for Preservation, Research and Promotion of Music “Serbian Composers” are Bojana Radovanović, Ana Đorđević, Miloš Bralović and Stefan Savić, four musicologists schooled at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. This group of authors has several joint projects, among which are the project of young Serbian musicologists How Do We Remember “Our” Mokranjac? Representation and Reception of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac  in the Serbian Culture of the XXI century, realized at 49th Days of Stevan Mokranjac  in Negotin, 2014, in collaboration with the PhD students of musicology at Faculty of Music, then, publishing several joint papers in the Mokranjac journal, about the place of Mokranjac in school curriculums (music schools, secondary schools and others), participating within the 18th Pedagogical Forum of Performance Arts (2014), and publishing papers in the collection of the Forum, and also, presentations on occasion of publishing the trailer of the documentary within the public lectures (Serbian Composers’ Association, 2014), students’ manifestations (FESTUM, 2014), and scientific conferences (Banja Luka, 2016).

They are also the authors of the documentary titled Reaching Immortality, dedicated to Stevan Mokranjac, which was premiered within the Stevan Mokranjac’s Days in Negotin in 2016, and at the scientific conference Tradition as Inspiration in Banja Luka, in April 2017.

Having founded the Association (2017), the members started various projects dedicated to systematical digitization and publishing sound, sheet music and textual inscriptions on a new platform. Also, in collaboration with the St. George Choir from Belgrade, worked on publishing the compact disc Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, by Kornelije Stanković.

Bojana Radovanović

Musicologist and art theorist, junior researcher at the Institute of Musicology SASA and a PhD candidate at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She publishes papers and participates in scientific conferences in the country and abroad. Fields of research include the history and theory of music and arts in the 20th and 21st centuries, including artistic and popular music, the relations between the arts and politics, and the theory of the voice and media.

Ana Đorđević

PhD student of musicology at the University of Cork, Republic of Ireland. Completed the graduate studies of musicology at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Participated in several conferences in the country and abroad. She has several published papers in the conference proceedings and scientific journals. Fields of research include movie and popular music of the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav period.

Miloš Bralović

Musicologist, who developed his interests in Serbian artistic music during the undergraduate studies of musicology at Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where he completed both undergraduate and graduate studies. At the time, he is enrolled in PhD studies within the same institution, and employed in the Institute of Musicology SASA. Fields of research include questions related to the arts and music of modernism, especially Serbian music around and after the Second World War.

Stefan Savić

He completed undergraduate and graduate studies of Musicology at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He plans to continue his studies at the department of conducting at the conservatory "Franz Liszt" in Weimar. He is a contributor to the summer music festival - ARLEMM journal. He is also the conductor's assistant and a choir member of the choir within the St. George temple in Belgrade. He has several papers published in the conference proceedings collections and scientific journals. In both theoretical and practical sense, he is interested in symphonic and operatic traditions from Classicism to modernism, but he is also interested in the music of other genres and stylistic features.